About Us


We are the Peterson Family!  Thank you for visiting our website where you can learn all about our kids, what we are up to and more.

Kena Peterson, mom and multi-tasker, in in charge of these busy kids.  She is errand runner, taxi driver, Martha Stewart wanna be and school volunteer by day and graphic designer/website designer by night.  Visit her website at www.kenapeterson.com to learn more about what she does while the kids are tucked in their beds

Eric Peterson, dad and computer code ninja, keeps the family hopping.  Working as a software engineer in Denver, Colorado, Eric knows how to keep busy and enjoys playing with his children, enjoying thier hobbies, taking care of the two chihuahuas and playing video games.

Karis, Zoey and Reid enjoy swimming, crafting, playing at the park, walking the dogs and hanging out with family.  All three children are involved in dance and acting/modeling. Karis and Zoey are currently dancing on the competitive dance team with Miller’s Dance Force in Denver, Colorado.

All three children have appeared in various commercial, web and print marketing/advertising campaigns.  They are interested in pursuing all types of opportunities.  Please click on each a child’s name to learn more about experience and talents. Contact us to learn more.